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Bursaries and Skills Development: Education for a Better South Africa

Access to education is a tremendous challenge in South Africa. Schooling at all levels costs money. Many employees all over the country struggle to afford even basic education and yet it is such a vital pillar...

10 Hats Worn by Payroll Professionals: Hat 3 — Gatekeeper of compliance

This is part 3 in the 10-part series entitled 10 Hats Worn by Payroll Professionals. Click to read part 1 and part 2 In my previous article dealing with the issue of record keeping, I explained that payroll...

The Paymaster People Solutions story: 20 Years of successful payroll processing

Corporate days at Bergers Stores Back in 1997, Ian Hurst and Karen Morrison worked for Bergers Stores, a large clothing retail chain owned by the Morkels Group. Ian was the Human Resource Manager and Karen was...

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10 Hats Worn by Payroll Professionals: Hat 2

10 Hats Worn by Payroll Professionals: Hat 2 — The payroll professional as accurate keeper of records

This is part 2 in the 10 part series — Read part 1 here (click) No pressure, but did you know that, when asked, your reputation as an efficient payroll professional is built upon the fact that you can efficiently and...

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10 Hats article series

Ten month article series presented by Paymaster: 10 Hats Worn by Payroll Professionals

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions #ProudPayrollProfessionals I am a proud payroll professional. A few months ago, while talking to a group of Payroll people I was asked, “What will the...

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