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Duties of Employers/Employees

The basis of any employment relationship is based on the fact that employees tender their services, expertise, knowledge etc. to employers in turn for remuneration. However there are two further issues that is vital and important to the employment relationship. The first fact is that the relationship is a continued one in which the parties act is human beings and secondly that the employees entitled to remuneration cannot be satisfied unless the employer provides the environment and wherewithal to assist them to work to the best of their ability.

Duties of employees

The employee is under obligation to tender his services to the employer. Employees not tendering their services are not entitled to wages irrespective of the reason for their non-tender. The afore-mentioned will exclude leave and in most instances sick leave.

The employee is further under obligation to remain reasonably efficient while in the employer’s service. When applicants are interviewed they are bound to what they promise the employer with regards to their knowledge, experience etc. It thus is important that the employer must have a proper job description in place for the vacant position that describes the proper knowledge and experience etc. needed to perform the required duties efficiently in order to appoint the proper person for the job.

Furthermore the employee is to further the employer’s business interests by devoting his knowledge, skills and full time as per his contract of service to the employer. Employees must be respectful and obedient and in absence thereof will be deemed to be making the employment relationship intolerable. They should further refrain themselves from misconduct generally.

Duties of employers

The duties for employers are as follows- 1) to ensure that working conditions are safe and healthy;

2) to receive the employee into service; and 3) to pay the employee’s remuneration.

Notwithstanding the above employers also have general contractual duties and statutory duties.

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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