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Payrolls for Africa

Paymaster is going across Africa. Yes we are. With immediate effect we are no w we able to outsource payrolls for Africa as well as provide payroll software that will enable you to process salaries for most countries in Africa.

Here are the details.

In order to deliver the best possible solution as well as comply with latest legislative changes, strategic relationships have been set up with various world-renowned global accounting firms and together with multinational specific functionality, Paymaster on line provides powerful delivery that assists clients in rolling out into Africa literally overnight.

Some of the features offered include:

· Clients need not worry about understanding complex legislative rules. All legislation is automated and updated by Paymaster on line.

· Paymaster on line cloud access eradicates the need for onsite admin personnel and allows all stakeholders; Administrators, managers and employees, to access their payroll or HR functions from anywhere in the world.

· Advanced Expatriate functionality:

o Paymaster on line covers the requirement for expats working in other countries to gross up their earnings by relevant statutory contributions according to currency and contracts offered in their home countries. This allows for simple conversion of net home to host earnings.

o Expatriate tax management reporting offers home country currency specific tax year to date reports, providing expats with an abundance of information to complete personal tax returns.

· Paymaster on line is able to supply employee and company-based reporting in host and home currencies, as well as comply with consolidated reporting in any currency required by the multinational’s headquarters.

· Automated currency exchange rate conversions either on a monthly or daily basis for the entire multinational group. The choice of currency conversion information source is up to the client.

· Workflow business process engines drive corporate governance and improve efficiency by offering limitless approval chains from initiator (employee / manager) to HR and Payroll admin. Clients can take advantage of the Paymaster on line technology to get data input from the source, electronically approve it in locations around the world through advanced workflow capability, and ultimately, process the information from anywhere in the world. Examples of business process workflow functionality include:

o Onsite timesheets incorporating complex payroll interpretation of employee raw time and shift pattern capture either via online web capture or automated interfacing from access control systems.

o Employee Claims and applications for advances or loans.

o Annual increase review processes with automated increase letters and pre-payroll analysis tools.

o Document approval workflow.

o Performance evaluations.

o Leave applications.

o Recruitment requests.

o Simple commission administration incorporating complex commission rules not exposed to end users.

· Language and statutory specific reporting.

· Simple employee transfer processes from country to country while retaining original employee number and biographical record.

Apart from offering all legislative payroll possibilities, country specific payroll collective agreement rules in industrial and mining sectors are also offere

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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