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Payroll Administrators as Financial Counsellors

We have all seen the tears and anger from employees who are struggling to meet their financial commitments and who are weighed down by debt or the need to keep the payments going to support the children. Employees do expect you to lend a sympathetic ear. They also expect you to help, if you can.

Be a Professional Payroll Administrator

5 areas of financial expertise.

  1. Garnishee Orders: This has become a serious issue in our country. Please understand how to process these efficiently, making sure that we do send the money on time to avoid extra interest. Keep a check on the balances to make sure we do not over deduct from the employee. You should be on the employees side.( I will be writing a newsletter on garnishees once the new regulations have been published.
  2. IT88a: I know the employee should know better, but when we receive an IT88a we should communicate with the employee and assist them to deal with SARS. It may not be your job but going the extra mile won’t hurt.
  3. Maintenance Payments: Please, let’s make sure the right magistrate’s court is paid the money and proof of payment is sent to the court. If you want to go the extra mile, send the proof of payment to the employee.
  4. Debt Counseling: Some companies are good some are bad. Some have great administration systems some need a lot of help. It would be good to investigate a few and to be able to refer employees, who need help, to a reliable well managed debt counseling service. It will make you feel great to know that you are helping this employee by referring them to someone who can be trusted.
  5. Budgeting: Teach your employees to budget. Download a how to budget work sheet from the internet or draw up your own booklet that will assist them to manage their finances.

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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