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Payroll Professional – Gate keeper of company policy

If I had a rand for every time I have been asked to break a company policy or do something that was not illegal but….let’s call it shady, I would sure be a rich man. That is not what management pay us to do. We are the Payroll department. We are the guardians of company policy.
By the way we are also the department that keeps the company legal and complying with the legislation of the land.

5 key policy areas to guard.

1    leave policy

2. overtime policy

3. increase policy

4. promotions policy

5. allowances

Guard these areas of the payroll as if your life depended on it. I have yet to hear a manager say well done for being so flexible. It is great to work with a payroll department that is prepared to bend and break policy. That just does not happen.

Our job is to stand firm. Know and understand the companies policy and procedure and implement it.

It is our job to keep the company legal by correctly implementing the laws that apply to us. So we educate management on the income tax act, the basic conditions of employment act, the labour relations act, the UIF act and the workmen’s compensation act.

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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