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Hospitality Industry – New Minimum Wage

New wage rates for the hospitality industry must be applied from 1st Just 2015. The increased rates have been announced by the Minister of Labour and will apply until 30 June 2016. All workers employed by hotels, lodges, game farms, fast food outlets, restaurants, coffee shops, guest houses and Bed and Breakfasts will received a total increase of 6.1%

The minimum wages for employers with 10 or less employees:

Monthly R2 760,59 (2015/2016) from R2 601,88 (2014/15);

Weekly R637,10 (2015/16) from R600,48 (2014/2015)

Hourly rates will be adjusted to R14,15 (2015/16) from R13,34 in (2014/2015).

The new minimum wages for employers with 10 or more employees:

Monthly rates will increase to R3 076,98 (2015/16) from R2 900,08 in (2014/2015);

Weekly R710,12 (2015/16) from R669,30 (2014/2015)

Hourly rates will be adjusted to R15,77 from R14,87 in (2014/2015).


For more information, refer to

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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  • Am working at a guest house 5 days a week from 9clock till 3 clock.and am also working on Saturday’s and Sundays and i get paid 2200 a month i don’t think i can server with this money.Is my pay right or am i paying too little i really need help here…

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