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From chaos to calm

So how much does Chaos cost?

I am sure, like me, you have no idea. But I also know that deep down in your gut you know that bad record keeping and manual systems cost money.

  • No proper leave records lead to additional payments when the employee leaves.
  • People standing at your desk wanting information drives you crazy
  • Claims are paid twice and you aren’t aware of the duplicate payment
  • Payslips have to be reprinted – often
  • Change of details forms are completed but never actioned or filed.
  • The conflict of “I told you” or “I did give you“ is wearing you down

The keys to a calm, controlled employee information management system is within your grasp. Just reach out and make the decision to automate.  Just because you only have 8 employees does not mean that you should fall around looking for information or documents.

5 questions you need to ask:

  • Do all my employees have access to a computer or smartphone?
  • Am I tired of being interrupted by requests for duplicate payslips or leave balances?
  • Are my leave balances manually calculated and every time leave is applied for there is doubt as to the correct balance?
  • Are my employee expense claims manual?
  • Do I spend hours searching for the approved forms, letter of employment, old claim forms?
  • Bonus question…. I know I want to create order but not sure how or where to start

Welcome to the world of automation, where everything is in its place and history is available at a click of a button. Information is stored where you can find it. You no longer sweat and swear when you need to find out anything about your employees. Employees get on with their work and don’t stand at your desk waiting for information.

We offer a payroll system that does everything a professional, trusted, state of the art payroll should do. We do online leave automation, online document storage, online claim forms and online biographical detail. We will also add training records and employment equity reporting.

In fact, we specialise in creating calm.  Give us a shout today.

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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