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Big changes for Garnishee orders

The constitutional court released a judgment on Tuesday the 13 September 2016.
The core of the Judgement emphasised:

  • Only a magistrate can grant a garnishee order.
  • The order must be after the employee has appeared and the magistrate has satisfied themselves that the order is reasonable.
  • Must be in the same magistrate district as the employee.

If the garnishee order does not comply with the above, then it is not legal.

  • Paymaster therefore advises it’s clients to check each new garnishee order signed after this date to ensure that it complies with the above.
  • Garnishee orders sent to us will be processed as we will assume that you have verified that the order is legal.
  • Where the garnishee comes directly to us, we will contact you to verify the legality of the order.

Any questions, please ask your Payroll Administrator.

Ian Hurst | Managing director

Contact Ian on 082 898 5006 or mail him at for more details.

Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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