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You can become an HR hero 

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions

One of the greatest challenges—and one of the quickest ways for you to make a difference in the corporate world—is to be the HR practitioner that consistently rises to the greatest challenge that any HR practitioner may face: by being seen as the one who successfully conquered the challenge, to deliver when others have failed.

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What is this greatest challenge? Well firstly, let us note what this greatest challenge is not:

  • To produce a neat organisation chart — yes this helps, but it’s more than this.
  • To complete job descriptions and job specifications — albeit that this is good too.
  • To produce wonderful training schedules and facilitating well attended, highly rated programs — which, of itself, is very good too.
  • To administer a functional performance management system — well done if you do, but it’s more than this.
  • To keep a pristinely neat and tidy filing-room — well done if you do.

The (true) greatest challenge is to be able to recruit the right people at the right time. In other words, when vacancies exist you have to deliver suitably qualified candidates quickly. Therefore, the greatest challenge is to significantly contribute towards the successful placement of new employees — employees who are able to step into their new job and slot right in, thereby becoming a part of their new organisation in an instant. After all, as we know all too well, nothing slows an organisation down more than a mismatched employee.

How to step up to the greatest challenge

It’s all rather simple really: you need an outsourced response-handling solution that is continuous and automated. A recruitment solution that ingeniously creates (with the help of embedded artificial intelligence software) a pool of qualified candidates for you to draw upon. A recruitment solution that ensures that you always have qualified candidates available.

HR Hero SupermanHow does it work?

Here is the step-by-step process of how it works:

  1. Paymaster People Solutions Recruitment reaches agreement on your prescribed job-specifications (and other selection criteria) for vacancies which you need to create a pool of qualified candidates for.
  2. On your behalf, Paymaster People Solutions Recruitment places a job advertisement on an assortment of relevant job-boards.
  3. By matching job-specifications to submitted C.V.’s, Paymaster People Solutions Recruitment’s artificial intelligence (AI) software systems will rank all applicants according to your precise set of selection criteria.
  4. By automatically sending regret-letters to all job seekers who have been adjudicated to be unsuitable for the vacancy as advertised, Paymaster People Solutions Recruitment removes the fuss from regret-letter administration. This adds significant credibility to your organisation’s brand-reputation.
  5. By receiving a set of multiple-choice questions which you have created, applicants who have been approved for consideration automatically progress to the next level in the recruitment process. Once applicants have responded to the multiple-choice questions, their answers are scored and assigned a rank-order in terms of their suitability for the job position. At this stage of the recruitment process, applicants who have not met the prescribed requirements will receive a regret letter.
  6. Applicants who have qualified for progression to the next level of the recruitment process will receive a web link giving them access to an online video-interview. During this online interview, the applicant needs to answer your pre-approved set of interview questions. At the same time, applicants who have not met the required standard will receive a regret letter.
  7. Lastly, pre-qualified candidates that have been adjudicated to be best-suited for the advertised position now constitute the final pool of quality candidates, ready for final interview by you and your team.

So, there we have it: all ready for you — human resources recruitment efficiency at its optimal best! You end up receiving a pool of quality candidates who are now ready to be interviewed by you and your team. Every one of these job-seeker prospects are guaranteed to meet your initial selection criteria.

On an upbeat final note: be prepared to receive an abundance of praise and congratulations from your superiors — you will be an HR hero in their eyes.

Need more facts?HR Hero Logo

Here are 5 additional facts to encourage you to talk to Paymaster People Solutions Recruitment today:

  1. Every candidate is treated the same way
  2. The process for each candidate is transparent and defensible
  3. We keep a record of each transaction
  4. Candidates rate your company because you communicated with them
  5. Outsource this to us from as little as R 3000 per month (12 month contract) and you will only have to do the final interview (and take all the glory for it too).


Talk to Paymaster People Solutions Recruitment and see how you can become an HR hero today.



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