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January ToDo List

Reminder Tips — for the New Year

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions

Your January 2017 To Do List 

With the New Year now arrived, here are some essential ideas to get the year off to a good start.

  • Be sure that all leave applications have been processed and filed. If processed on your automated computer system, be sure that all applications were officially approved.
  • To offset the final tax amount to be deducted when employee bonuses are paid out, ensure that employees who elect to make additional tax payments have signed a new mandate.
  • Check that your medical-aid rates have been increased and/or relevant new tables are updated.
  • Be sure to reset leave records: for example, make sure Family Responsibility leave is reset to 3 days available (for 2017).

Set goals and action plans for 2017

January ToDo ListLastly, but most importantly, be sure to set your goals and action plans for 2017. Investigate areas to automate that will reduce your anticipated stress-levels for 2017. Why not read this article which may offer you some much-needed inspiration in this regard: 2017 — THE YEAR AHEAD FOR THE HR INDUSTRY.

Remember that automation of HR systems and processes lead to:

  • All your leave approvals and subsequent processing is fully automated
  • All relevant HR reports are automatically generated (every month — without fail or need to reminders)
  • All your HR system-updates will automatically be installed
  • All your HR system-backups will automatically be processed — giving you guaranteed ‘no fuss peace-of-mind’ backups. Never lose critical HR data ever again.
  • All your valued employees will be empowered to take personal accountability with access granted to full employee self-service set of functionalities embedded in the automated HR software system.
  • Finalise and agree on your payroll calendar for the coming (2017) year ahead.


Happy January! from myself, Ian Hurst (CEO of Paymaster People Solutions), and the rest of the super-amazing Paymaster People Solutions team.



Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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