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Aaargh! (frustration) — “If you don't hear from us consider your application unsuccessful.”

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions

Aaargh! (frustration) — “If you don’t hear from us consider your application unsuccessful.” Don’t you just hate it when you encounter this message on a website or recruitment advert? I think it stinks!

Recruiters on some websites invite me to engage with them, but once I’ve taken the time to submit my job application, they say that they have no intention of replying to me (unless they truly need me). This is so (extremely) unprofessional. Next time, I will think twice before submitting my CV on one of those websites.

FrustrationJob-applicant considerations

Consider the following: before submitting online or via email, the applicant might have spent at least an hour of their time preparing all the relevant information. The applicant would no doubt have gone to some length to read (and re-read) their submission for possible mistakes. They might have altered the wording. They might even have added some pictures in a proactive bid to stand out and ‘be seen’, thereby (possibly) gaining the attention of the person with whom they hope to engage. They might have dutifully e-mailed the document or created a profile and uploaded their CV – again,  as was requested of them. They would inevitably have made a copy of the document too — and saved it on their computer (or in the cloud). Lastly, the applicant may have recorded an entry in their diary, reminding them to follow-up on the status of the their job-application.

Having spoken to many  experienced job-applicants, I can vouch for them by stating that follow-up is an important aspect of their work-ethic and it takes up a great deal of their time and energy. I personally would do my best to obtain some feedback regarding the status of my application. And when I receive no reply, I would curiously wonder why nobody has responded?  “Please respond!” “Please get back to me!” “Just answer me please!” “Oh I wish somebody would just get back to me!” “I am begging you…. please let me know what’s happening with my application?”

I have often thought to myself: “…I remember that the website indicated that if I don’t hear from them, then I should consider my application unsuccessful.” To be honest—come to think of it—this is such an unsatisfactory way of engaging with job-applicants. I would prefer to receive a plain and simple answer informing me of the status of my application: is it a “yes” or “no”?

FrustrationRecruiter considerations

It’s unacceptable to be ignored. Moreover, it’s not only about being ignored, but offensive and highly unprofessional to leave an applicant in a state of uncertainty about their application. A recruiter should never leave the applicant wondering whether a particular vacancy has closed, or, whether the company is still considering applications, or, whether somebody has been appointed.

Come to think of it, with the significant advancements in today’s modern software technologies, surely organisations that engage in the recruitment process aren’t intentionally being unprofessional? Surely these organisations aren’t intentionally suggesting to me (and thousands of other job applicants) that they’re not bothered in providing us with a simple “yes” or a “no”? Do organisations not realise that some applicants may well be their valued clients too? Clients who may well have the highest regard for the organisation which they submitted their application to. Moreover, do organisations not realise that they may well need to consider a prior pool of applicants for something else later on, down the line?

Surely, if I took the time to submit my application, then I am significant enough for the company to get back to me with—at very least—a courteous “yes” or “no” answer?

“Treat me right!” “Communicate with me please!” “Keep me up to date please!”

This is my plea. Simply say “no” if my application has been unsuccessful . I don’t mind if it is a generic computer-generated letter that says: “Thank you for your interest, but your application has been unsuccessful.” At least then I’ll know where I stand. This would be so much better than simply being ignored. It’s also the most respectable manner in which treat another human being.

No frustrationThe best way forward for job-applicant and recruiter

Bright side: there’s a brilliant solution to this terribly rude organisational recruitment practice —a solution that is easy to implement:

  1. Next time you publish a job application (or request for proposal — RFP), commit to providing applicants with a courteous “yes” or “no”. Make it your company policy never to ignore people by giving them unprofessional ‘silent treatment.’ The procurement of the ideal software-based system that will manage your correspondence with applicants is easy and quick to implement.
  2. With relevance to job-applicants: always keep your talent pool up to date with automated messages. Let applicants know that you are thankful for their application. Alternatively, if an applicant was unsuccessful, let the applicant know that you regret to inform them of their unsuccessful application.

No frustrationThe solution is close at hand. Paymaster People Solutions has the perfect software-based solution that can do all of this for you. It is an instant solution to your unprofessional recruitment practices. Why not consider talking to Paymaster People Solutions today?

Find out how Paymaster People Solutions can save you up to 80% on your recruiting costs, whilst ensuring that organisational communication with every single job applicant happens professionally, consistently and reliably.





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