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Your April 2017 To Do List

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions

April To Do ListWith March behind us, here are some essential To Do-list items to help you make your April another great payroll month.

  • Check your backup procedures and security settings.
  • Survey your clients to find out what some of their new deeds might be, and what they might want form you.
  • Investigate ways to communicate with your employees and customers. Implement these new communications efficiencies.
  • Sync your e-filings to make sure SARS is not talking to you. Look for IT88 certificates and requests for information. Check to make sure that SARS has not passed any journal entries.
  • Verify whether all your employees have tax numbers.
  • Check that all system-related updates are installed and working. This includes new tax tables, etc.
  • Run a full back-up of the last 12 months’ data. This exercise facilitates establishing whether you do indeed have the data on hand.
  • Reminder: it’s Easter-time, so plan for staff leave and the shorter working-month.

Happy April! from myself, Ian Hurst (CEO of Paymaster People Solutions), and the rest of the super-amazing Paymaster People Solutions team.

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Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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