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Automated importing of job-seeker biographical information

Announcing Paymaster’s new onboarding convenience: Automated importing of job-seeker biographical information

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions

Don’t you just love technology? At Paymaster People Solutions, we certainly do. We are constantly looking to implement additions to our integrated payroll software that promises to make your lives easier. Automation-enhancement to various payroll processes saves time, improves accuracy and streamlines operational efficiencies in the human resources function of any organisation.

Striving towards the ideal of handling employee-information once only

At Paymaster People Solutions, with our integrated payroll software we continually strive towards the ideal of handling employee-information once only. Right now, Paymaster is proud to announce that it has reached one such milestone, thereby fulfilling an ideal that brings (yet another) automated component to our already feature-rich automated payroll system.

Automated importing of job-seeker biographical informationAutomated importing of job-seeker biographical information

Now, Paymaster-clients will be able to benefit from the process of automatically having all job-seekers’ (i.e. prospective new employees) biographical information imported directly into the payroll module. Naturally a ‘real human’ needs to conduct (and authorise) a once-off check first, but after this, the onboarding process that serves as the start of the capturing of new employees’ biographical information will be streamlined in an astounding manner — ed. you have to see it and experience it to believe it!

In addition, Paymaster has also recently automated the process of distributing new employees’ contracts and employees’ welcome-letters. Similarly, a letter is automatically distributed to the direct line-supervisor of the new employee, duly informing him/her of the new appointee’s anticipated start date at the organisation.

In a nutshell: this is amazing automation and stunning streamlined convenience for any HR department.

Visual representation of Paymaster’s integrated payroll software

In the following visual representation, one can (easily) recognise how the 4 primary modules of Paymaster’s Integrated Payroll Software System ‘fits together’. Particularly, in the discussion that follows the insert, an explanation of the automated importing of job-seeker biographical information is provided.

Process-chart - Article Integrated Payroll Software

  1. During the job-seeking process, a prospective new employee engages with your organisation. It is at this (beginning) stage that the job-seeker provides the organisation with all his/her relevant biographical information. These details are stored in the cloud, on the Paymaster software system. When instructed to do so (by a real human working for the organisation) the job-seeker’s biographical information is identified and flagged for transfer in the automated import process ­— directly into the Payroll module.
  2. Once the job-seeker’s biographical information is captured (when he/she applies for a particular vacancy) the information that they have supplied is automatically uploaded into the primary Payroll module, as well as into the Time & Attendance module. It is a fully automated process — seamless integration all at the ‘press of a button’. — (Note: The start of the process needs to be authorised by a real human first.)
  3. In the event of the employee’s resignation (or dismissal), the entire process is automatically reversed, all at the ‘press of a button’. — (Note once again, needs to be authorised by a real human first.)
  4. Take note of the following convenient added-benefit: the Time & Attendance module is hosted in the Cloud. Therefore, the Paymaster integrated payroll software system allows the convenient download of completed time and attendance reports, which can then be automatically imported directly into the Payroll module.

The net-effect of this entire (automated and fully integrated) process, is an amazingly streamlined, super-efficient, 100% accurately processed payroll. Designated administration-users and management-users gain various levels of access (via the Paymaster online website portal) to a variety of reports, payslips and any other ad-hoc information that may be required at any given point in time.

Automated importing of job-seeker biographical informationThe ‘cherry on top’  — Xero Accounting module

Once the payroll department’s administration super-user is suitably satisfied that a particular payroll-run has been suitably ‘signed-off’ as 100% complete, your organisation’s general ledger accounting details can be exported to the Xero Accounting module (or any other accounting software module of your preference). The Xero Accounting module truly is the ‘cherry on top’ – providing your organisation with a cutting-edge, fully integrated payroll software system that just ‘fits together’ like a hand-in-glove.

Why don’t you make the change now! Decide to make Paymaster People Solutions your pride and joy. Allow the Paymaster Integrated Payroll System to be your HR administrative partner for everything your organisation could ever need for all things human resources.

Contact me, Ian Hurst for more information. I will be happy to entertain any further enquiries that you might have.


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