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Article - Long hours of frustration

Long hours of frustration led me on a quest to eliminate frustrations forever!

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions

Throughout the lifespan of my business I have witnessed excellent growth. This growth continues. A particular aspect involving many hours of frustration though, led me on a quest to avoid my clients having to endure similar frustrating experiences. The frustration centered around the fact that I had too many independent software programmes to manage my company’s back-office administration needs.

Article - Long hours of frustrationSoftware for this, software for that — too many software programmes led to frustration!

Various back-office components of my business required a software solution: a separate accounting package for the business’ accounting needs, a standalone payroll programme to pay my employees, a software solution to monitor and track my employees’ time and attendance, a recruitment software solution for my hiring needs, …plus many additional bits and bobs like Excel spreadsheets, project management planners, team collaboration tools, …and the list goes on. In order to productively and efficiently manage my growing organisation’s back-office administration needs, all of these software solutions were collectively meant to provide me with important information that I needed . The frustration however was hair-raising because none of these software applications were cross-compatible. In plain and simple terms: none of these software programmes could “talk to each other”. Translate this into IT parlance: none of these computer software applications were seamlessly interfacing with each other.

For example, when capturing employee-data, I had to constantly input the same information into these standalone software applications. It seemed like the data-capturing process was never-ending! In addition (not to mention the exorbitant costs related to all of this) my frustrations were compounded with ceaseless software updates, licence purchases/renewals and hundreds of manually managed data-backups. In short: managing several standalone software programmes was beginning to drive me mad! Absolute frustration was the order of the day, every day.

“My frustrations need not be my client’s frustrations” I thought, so I did something about it

“My frustrations need not be my client’s frustrations” I thought, so I did something about it. Consequently, I am now happy to share my (frustration-reducing) final recipe with my readers and social media followers.

The solution lies with the all-in-on Paymaster Backoffice solution to your organisation’s back-office administration needs. I like to shout it from the rooftops, persuasively alerting business owners to pay careful attention: this is truly the perfect software application to accompany and support any growing small-to-medium enterprise: from start-up to balance sheet. The Paymaster Backoffice solution puts an end to all your software frustrations — once and for all.

Article - Long hours of frustrationThe Paymaster Backoffice

Do you need to start and register a new company? We will process all the necessary registrations on your behalf.

Do you need to commence with a hiring and interviewing process? We will manage the recruitment process on your behalf.

Do you need to track and manage the time and attendance of your workforce? We will do it for you.

Do you need to reliably and accurately pay your employees (on time, without error)? We have a perfect integrated payroll software platform that does it all for you.

Do you need to manage your employees’ work-related performance? We can help with this too.

Do you need to track your employees’ training and development? We have the perfect solution for this too.

Do you need to document and track disciplinary processes? Yes! Yes! Yes we can do it too!

Do you have employment equity issues? Of course: we do this too!

And then, of course, do you need to import a big bundle of human resources data into your accounting software? Well, why not just sit back and enjoy your coffee, because we have the ultimate solution for this too.

The Paymaster Backoffice is capable of processing and managing all of the functions that have been listed here. What’s more, organisations in 39 African countries can benefit from the implementation of the exact-same Paymaster Backoffice solution: From Applicant Management  to Time and Attendance to Payroll to Performance Management to Staff Training and Development to Disciplinary Processes to Accounting Software.

Article - Long hours of frustrationWhat’s more: you may opt for a fully outsourced service or you can simply do-it-yourself

If that’s not all, a Paymaster sales executive can assess your budget and back-office needs to allow you to decide whether you would like to fully outsource certain aspects of your back-office admistration. If you would prefer to keep a handle on back-office operations yourself, you can simply do-it-yourself, without compromising on data-integrity or security when accessing this information: this is huge! Let me shout it out: YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WANT AND NEED. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYHOW!

So, there you have it — it’s plain and simple for all to see: there is absolutely zero reason for you not to succeed in keeping abreast with the many demanding back-office administration aspects of your growing business.

The Paymaster Backoffice platform is the only integrated back-office platform that you’ll ever need — whether it’s here at home in South Africa, or in one of 39 countries in another part of Africa too.

What does this all add up to? The total elimination of all your back-office administration frustrations forever.

Why not email me today. For more information contact me now. I will be happy to attend to any additional enquiries that you wish to discuss.

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