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Small businesses can be paperless-So don't waste money on filing

Small businesses can be paperless-So don’t waste money on filing

Just because you’re a small company, this doesn’t mean that you cannot afford to implement systems that facilitate the transition to a paperless administration environment.

Nowadays, small businesses can afford to lease truly amazing HR/Payroll software. The Paymaster software suite allows you to manage most of your organisation without ever having to print or file a piece of paper again.

Most small businesses tend to forget that paperless administration includes employee documents too. For example, today, many small businesses still administer a set of physical employee files.  These files are stored in the owner’s office, or they might be housed in the secretary’s or financial manager’s office. The person who processes the salary payments might be expected to look after the employee documents too. However, think of this: the mundane task of filing ought never to be part of the job description of one of these persons. If this is the way it is in your small business, this may well mean that you are not productive with the allocation of your employees’ use of time—which translates into misspent salary allocations.

Let’s take a look at how Paymaster’s HR/payroll software suite can help you to eliminate the use of paper in your employee documents administration.

Employment contracts

Contracts of employment (and any other personal documentation such as an ID book or driver’s licence) can be scanned, uploaded and saved as digital files (all stored in the Cloud—meaning that they are totally safe and secure).

Employee claims

All claims can be scanned and linked to an automated claim work-flow process. Thereafter, at the click of a button, the claim can be approved and the accompanying reimbursement processed within the payroll system.

Employee leave

The employee leave system is fully Employee Self-service compatible. Employees may apply for leave from any computer or mobile device. Relevant line-management approve the leave. This process too can be done from any accessible computer or mobile device. Finally, once an employee’s leave-application is approved, the digitally archivable record is duly created and saved on the leave software system.

Consequently, employees no longer need to request leave balances or payslips. All they need do, is to sign-on and collect what they want. No need for you to print anything ever again!

Onboarding new employees

Onboarding of news employees is processed directly to the HR/Payroll system. This is facilitated by empowering employees to capture their own personal particulars. No longer will there ever be a need for you to struggle with handwriting that cannot be deciphered, or where to file your employee documents.

Other employee documents that are also stored online in the Cloud

  1. All employee training records are safely and securely saved online, in the Cloud.
  2. All employee proof of academic qualifications and certificates.
  3. All employee disciplinary documents.
  4. All employee CV’s for prospective new employees (when used in conjunction with our recruitment website) which saves the CV and searches our database for suitable candidates.
  5. All new-employee onboarding documents.
  6. All employee time and attendance records (when used in conjunction with our electronic time-keeping hardware that imports these directly into our HR/Payroll software.

So, there you have it—everything is paperless! When you transition to the Paymaster HR/Payroll software system, no more paper is involved. Additionally, this also means that instant (approved) access to employee information is granted to approved line-management and their employees. Approved access is securely controlled by security codes and user profiles.

So, why not start today: take your company into the paperless world for as little as R 200 per month for 20 employees. You will be amazed at how much time (and salary-money) you will save.

You can always talk to Paymaster People Solutions — We will show you exactly how your use of our HR/payroll software will save you money.

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Ian Hurst

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