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Paymaster People Solutions—A comprehensive HR and Payroll software solution

Paymaster People Solutions—A comprehensive HR and Payroll software solution (Part 1)

Introducing Paymaster People Solutions

Paymaster People Solutions is a progressive South African human resources and payroll software solutions provider. Trailblazers in easy to use, reliable and modern technology, Paymaster People Solutions is trusted to pay tens of thousands of people every day.

Starting out small, Paymaster People Solutions has evolved into a dynamic and reliable payroll system that stays streets ahead of the curve both in terms of technology and human resources legislation. With three ‘pillars of excellence’, Paymaster People Solutions has a solution for any-sized business. This allows you to manage your company’s payroll just the way you want it.

This first of two articles introduces Paymaster People Solutions. This article also outlines Paymaster’s Online Payroll service offering. As a dynamic company that keeps abreast with what payroll and HR departments demand, Paymaster People Solutions offers three core solutions that no modern business can do without.

Automated Payroll and HR software — Smart. Simple. Secure.

Paymaster People Solutions—A comprehensive HR and Payroll software solutionAt Paymaster we believe that automated software payroll processes ought to be simplified whilst not compromising on providing a full set of HR and payroll functions that most modern business cannot do without. Additionally, Paymaster’s software solution needs to be fully SARS compliant and entirely up-to-date with latest labour and employment legislation. Three things define Paymaster’s software solutions:

It’s Smart.

By empowering both employer and employee with self-service and easy reporting functionality, this HR and payroll software solution makes absolute smart sense. Employee automation and automated document management prove that Paymaster is well-ahead of the curve in its move towards the creation of the ultimate paperless office. Smart technology that works on a variety of devices makes Paymaster’s software solution accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

It’s Simple.

Keeping things simple in a busy payroll and HR department is a prerequisite that any payroll solution simply has to deliver. With single sign-on technology, hundreds of clear and easy-to-read reports are accessible. The ability to import from MS Excel as well as the capacity to integrate with many existing business systems makes Paymaster genuinely easy to use. This greatly reduce training time for users. Simplicity is the key to a successful payroll solution. Paymaster defines simplicity for the payroll and HR sector in South Africa and Africa.

It’s Secure.

As technology increasingly moves into the Cloud and growing amounts of data continue to be stored in places further away from the office filing cabinet or safe, cyber-security remains of paramount importance. With data and information being backed up every 30-minutes and encrypted on secure servers, Paymaster delivers the utmost peace of mind for employers and employees. The secure payroll information that is stores meets POPI standards making it easy yet secure to access and retrieve by authorised users.

Online Payroll — Three core solutions

The migration away from cumbersome PC- and server-based payroll systems has been at the forefront of Paymaster’s business strategy for almost a decade. Be that as it may, due to ongoing demand comprising a large current client-base, PC- and server-based payroll systems are still supported. However, in order to stay at the forefront of industry best-practice, Online Payroll is enthusiastically promoted—more and more clients are moving in this direction.

Online Payroll brings numerous benefits to both employer and employee. Paymaster delivers three core solutions, thereby enabling businesses of all sizes to benefit from massive cost savings.

Online Payroll: Lite Package

The Lite Package enables payroll and HR departments to easily access a variety of tools and reports. Monthly-paid salaries and weekly wages can be managed in a central payroll system and changes can be easily imported and managed. Leave administration, customised payslips and IRP 5 certificates can all be controlled within this powerful and secure online solution. Paymaster’s Online Payroll solution has the ability to manage payrolls for multiple companies. This means that there is no need for frustrating separate logins in order to switch between companies and payroll databases. The rich set of features that have been embedded within Paymaster’s entry-level online payroll system are impressive. These exceed the expectations and requirements that most small businesses have.

Online Payroll: Premium Package

Employee Self-Service has long been something that many businesses wish to offer its employees. Secure employee access that comes with formidable functionality begins with the Paymaster Online Payroll Premium Package. The advanced functionality of the Premium Package includes automated leave management, workforce budgeting and employment equity planning. Job costing forms part of the Premium Package. Direct imports of general ledger files which originate from a number of popular accounting software packages is also made possible with the Premium Package.

Online Payroll: Master Package

The Online Payroll Master Package is the most advanced solution. The Master Package offers a comprehensive set of additional functionalities ideally suited to larger companies with large payroll departments.  Advanced workflows and consolidated multi-company reports create a payroll solution that remains a leader in its class.

Comprehensive HR and payroll functions embedded

Paymaster People Solutions—A comprehensive HR and Payroll software solutionDuring its development-phase, a comprehensive set of HR and payroll functionalities  were cleverly factored into Paymaster’s Online Payroll software. Performance management and recruitment are two critical areas where an HR department requires information to be readily and easily made available. Information pertinent to an organisation’s employee-hierarchy, as well as aHR analytics are definitive prerequisites that most of Paymaster’s clients demand. Paymaster’s Online Payroll software solution is well-equipped to deliver comprehensive functionality for most HR and payroll functions.

Additional Services

Paymaster Payroll Solutions closely understands the roles of payroll and HR departments. Further services related to the online payroll solution have been made available. These services add significant value to the overall payroll solution—these include the ability to apply for a tax directive, the processing of third-party payments, and assistance with SARS related matters.

More than just technology—Access to trained experts

Paymaster Payroll is more than just software. Paymaster has a wealth of experience and resources to enable any size of business to professionally and competently manage its payroll and HR department. Training and support of payroll-users remains a top priority. Easy access to trained experts on various topics becomes possible—from taxation, recruitment, labour law and more. This is a key area where the meaningful interpersonal value of Paymaster’s Online Payroll is evident. Having the support and professional backing of one of South Africa’s leading payroll companies provides absolute peace of mind when you decide to make use of the Paymaster Online Payroll software solution.

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Online Payroll is just part of a much wider assortment of Payroll and HR offerings made accessible to you by Paymaster People Solutions. In part two of the series, Payroll Outsourcing and the Human Resources Service will be discussed. Read part 2 of this article here: Make sure you don’t miss reading the follow-on in this informative article series that might just lead you to saving your company thousands of Rands soon.

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