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Paymaster People Solutions—A comprehensive HR and Payroll software solution

Paymaster People Solutions—A comprehensive HR and Payroll software solution (Part 2)

Introducing Paymaster People Solutions

Paymaster People Solutions is a progressive South African human resources and payroll software solutions provider. Trailblazers in easy to use, reliable and modern technology, Paymaster People Solutions is trusted to pay tens of thousands of people every day.

Starting out small, Paymaster People Solutions has evolved into a dynamic and reliable payroll system that stays streets ahead of the curve both in terms of technology and human resources legislation. With three ‘pillars of excellence’, Paymaster People Solutions has a solution for any-sized business. This allows you to manage your company’s payroll just the way you want it.

In this part 2 follow-up article, Paymaster’s integrity and experience will be demonstrated by discussing its payroll outsourcing and human resources service offering.

Ed: To read part 1, click here

Payroll outsourcing — What is payroll outsourcing?

To save time, money and the need to have trained payroll staff, many companies outsource their payroll management to a company like Paymaster People Solutions. This is a convenient and extremely cost-effective way to manage what, otherwise, can be one of the most challenging areas of running a business.

Payroll outsourcing with Paymaster

One of most demanding aspects of managing an inhouse payroll, is remaining up to date with and compliant with PAYE legislation in South Africa. With a payroll outsourcing service from Paymaster, this is no longer a headache. At Paymaster, not only does the outsourced payroll service offering make use of the latest payroll technology, but it is also fully managed by experienced payroll professionals. Therefore, your peace of mind is assured. Employment, remuneration and tax information for each employee is kept up to date for you. What’s more, your management team can access this information easily, anytime and from anywhere.

Scalable payroll outsourcing

Similar to Paymaster’s online payroll offering (discussed in part 1), fully managed payroll outsourcing has different levels of functionality to match the requirements of an organisation. There are some fundamentals that come with payroll outsourcing from Paymaster.  One of these fundamentals, is that the outsourcing service eliminates the need for a company to have a separate human resource records system. Furthermore, the technology used incorporates the basics that most companies, especially small businesses, need. This valuable element of the outsourcing service eliminates the likelihood of human error making a mess of importing and exporting human resource records.

The number of users permitted with outsourced payroll from Paymaster is unlimited. All users have their own unique login. A sophisticated audit trail ensures data-integrity and security within the software system. User activity reports make follow-up audits and inspections easy to do.

With outsourced payroll from Paymaster, a dedicated administrator is appointed to manage your company’s payroll. This powerful feature of the service effectively creates an HR and payroll department for any company. Open communication with each administrator develops a strong relationship, making Paymaster a trusted and valuable ally to your business.

Payroll Outsourcing Lite

The entry-level outsourced payroll from Paymaster is the Lite Package. This powerful, feature-rich offering caters for monthly and weekly paid employees and leave administration. With a single login for access to multiple companies, over 100 reports can be accessed including employment equity reports and disciplinary records. Payslips can be customised, new employees can be easily added, earnings and deductions can be managed and automated monthly UIF reports can be produced.

With unlimited help-desk support, the Lite Package is more than sufficient for companies that demand a well-maintained and hassle-free managed payroll solution.

Payroll Outsourcing Premium

The next level of outsourced payroll from Paymaster is the Premium Package. This has all the features of the Lite Package but with added functionality. Further features in the Premium Package include the convenience of employee self-service, automated leave administration and online payslip and IRP5 collection. With online claims management, workforce budgeting and employment equity planning, the premium package delivers a powerful payroll solution that is easily accessed by those who need it. This is an excellent option for a company that doesn’t want to carry the cost and risk of its own inhouse payroll and/or HR staff.

Payroll Outsourcing Master Package

The Master Package with Payroll Outsourcing from Paymaster has a handful of powerful features that make payroll management a breeze for larger organisations. Advanced workflow management, which incorporates the ability to change the workflows as well as consolidated multi-company reports, bring all the benefits of having an inhouse payroll and HR department to an organisation—without the need for inhouse payroll and/or HR staff. Open communication is the key to the success of outsourcing payroll to Paymaster. This creates a strong team that makes Paymaster one of the most valued players in any organisation.

There are a host of additional services that can be added to any outsourced payroll service from Paymaster: these include tax-related services, and enhanced reporting and management of third-party payments.

Paymaster HR Management

Human Resource Management is a challenging task in any organisation. Paymaster has the solution and service to make HR management straightforward. The human resources service from Paymaster is the last of a comprehensive collection of solutions offered to assist companies of all sizes and make people HR management easier.

The HR services solution from Paymaster can be an inhouse or outsourced offering. It consists of 5 powerful and practical components:

1. HR Budgeting

Without the right tools, HR budgeting can become a dangerous and daunting exercise. The budgeting component of Paymaster’s HR services solution takes the guesswork out of structuring wages, salaries and pay increases. The tools in the system cater for accurate reporting to justify and manage the costs of labour in any business. Managing budgets and variances for any department in any business is normally a time-consuming task. HR services from Paymaster makes the process easier and provides all the levels of detail needed to approve a budget with clarity.

2. Position Management

In South Africa, understanding the various roles, duties and positions in an organisation—and how they fit within the organisational structure—is important . Having a clear understanding of employment equity and ensuring EE-ratings are accurate can be challenging and confusing. Again, when it comes to the skills required for each position in a company and the qualifications required by people in the organisation, Paymaster HR services removes the guesswork. Establishing the outputs required for each position and understanding the competencies demanded for each position are important to manage, sustain and grow overall company performance. Payroll HR services has the technology to deliver clear insight about the positions in an organisation.

3. Recruitment

Another challenging area of HR management is Recruitment.  The HR Service from Paymaster equips any organisation with the right tools to make the recruitment process easy from the moment a vacancy is made available to the point where a person is hired, and their details are added to the payroll solution. Keeping track of the recruitment process and managing the process electronically saves time and money and helps ensure the best candidates are hired for the job.

4. Performance Evaluation

One task that many organisations have trouble with is that of performance evaluation. Many companies opt for a manual process of staff evaluation, and this is fine with only a handful of staff in a small business. However, in larger organisations, performance evaluation has to become more of a science to ensure sustainability in the organisation, maintain staff morale and to understand what is happing at the coalface. Paymaster HR Services has the technology and necessary expertise to establish a fluid performance evaluation process for an organisation. Taking control of the process and adding value through clear reports and monitored procedures makes performance evaluation a valuable part of the running an organisation. With the right information gathered the right information can be delivered to assist in making better decisions.

5. Training

The final component of the HR services offering from Paymaster is training. Understanding the current skills that exist in an organisation, identify skills gaps, sourcing training courses and managing the associated costs are critical components in the day to day management of any company. With the training component of the HR services offering, all of these elements are managed and reported on to ensure the right skills are found in an organisation, all within a defined or proposed budget.


This overview of services offered clearly demonstrates that Paymaster People Solutions is a valuable partner for any organisation to have. Friendly and professional people that deliver advanced, easy to use and powerful technologies empower companies and HR departments to ensure any organisation operates as full steam. Delivering insight through clear reporting, ease of access and the assurance that all tax and labour regulatory requirements are up to date and compliant, is where Paymaster can become the most import part of any business from a small company to a multinational corporate operating in South Africa today.

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