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Lump Sum Directive Issued Date

Compliance Notice

Lump Sum Directive Issued Date

October 2021

The lump sum directive Bulk Upload has been enhanced to allow editing on the Directive Issued Date field that is required for the lump sum directive payments on the Tax submission file.

For lump sums that were created in closed runs and the Directive Issued Date was not captured:

•    Access the Bulk Entries screen
•    Download an empty spreadsheet for the lump sum directive bulk upload

  • Select “Overwrite” in the Add/Overwrite column to update an existing entry. This will only update the Issued date field
  • Advise the relevant employee number and directive number that you want to update (these must match to an existing lump sum directive)
  • Specify the correct Directive Issued Date (this must be for the current tax year, per SARS Business Requirement Specification)
  • Upload the spreadsheet

Example below:

Lezé Felton

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