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31 January 2022


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Payroll 2022
Starting the new year the right way!

I’m not going to say Happy New year! We are payroll people, after all. We don’t believe in luck or chance. We believe in efficiency, planning and doing things right. Then we achieve success. Here are my ideas to make this year a GREAT one!

1) Empower your customers

Best practice suggests we give access to our customers to interact with the software. This makes information immediately available, and decision-making quick and frustration-free. The great thing here is that line managers are empowered to access the software, and can make decisions timeously.
Secondly, make sure employees can apply online for leave, sick leave and process their expense claims. Make 2022 the year you get rid of paper, and say goodbye to employee files. Everything stored electronically, in the Cloud, linked to each employee’s file.

2) Upskill

Make sure that as the company grows, you grow with it, by upgrading your knowledge and skills. As a business owner and owner of Paymaster, I cannot emphasize this enough! Nothing breaks down trust and confidence quicker than when you are found lacking basic knowledge and skills. “I don’t know, but will find out” is a perfectly good response, provided you do just that and give feedback as quickly as possible.

3) Dealing with difficult customers

These are the clients that make your stomach lurch when their number pops up on your phone, or you see their email in your inbox. What to do! I recommend putting on your brave face, take a deep breath (maybe a sip of coffee) and face the challenge.
Meet face-to-face and agree on boundaries for the relationship. Also, discuss and agree on the deliverables expected from you.

4) Automate

I know, this is a no-brainer! The more we automate, the more time you have to do analysis, and thereby provide meaningful feedback to management. The more time you free up, the bigger the opportunity to start playing a more strategic, analytical role in payroll, human resources data, and manpower planning.
If you are the gatekeeper of Human Resources information, including training and Industrial relations records, your role becomes so much more than just payroll.

5) Schedule (Of course!)

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but it needs to be said. If you have not yet finalized your schedule, now is the time to get on it.

Let’s make 2022 a great year!

– Written by Ian Hurst –

Helpdesk Tips

Please call our Helpdesk for your queries – 021 712 7333

Register your profile

Our helpdesk agent has provided instructions on how to register your ESS employee profile on Paymaster. Employee Self Service (ESS) functionality allows the employee to log in as a user and access screens that are relevant to the employee. Are you a first time employee on Paymaster? Then click the file below for registration instructions.

Reset your profile

This is a regular occurrence as it happens to all of us…forgetting our passwords. Our helpdesk agent has provided instructions on how to reset your password and create a new login password. In order for an employee to reset their password, they will have to navigate to the login screen and select the reset password link. Click on download below for password reset instructions.

EEA report setup

Chapter 3 of the employment Equity act requires employers to prepare and implement a yearly plan to achieve employment equity.
Employers must report to the Department of Labour on the implementation of the plan in order for the department to monitor their compliance. Our helpdesk agent has provided instructions on Employment Equity configuration and exporting EEA Reports. Click on download for instructions.

– Provided by Ammaarah Teladia –

Staff Bio

New product features

Company Skills & Company Skills Categories: Can now be uploaded in bulk.

Cancel leave applications while in workflow: Users are able to cancel leave transactions while it is still in the worfklow. Canceling an application in the workflow will notify the approvers, remove it from their inbox, and delete the transaction.


Paymaster is excited to announce that we have partnered with earned wage access provider Floatpays! Our partnership with Floatpays is another way that Paymaster endeavors to deliver greater value to our clients.
Debt is a scary reality for many in South Africa. South Africans often face financial exclusion and inaccessibility, finding themselves at the mercy of payday lenders and loan sharks.

Unplanned financial expenses can cause anxiety, stress, and decreased productivity within any workforce.

The ability to get paid instantly makes a significant difference to your employees going through a financial crisis. After all, life doesn’t wait for payday, why should they?

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