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30 April 2022

10 Hats article series

Ten Month series from Paymaster on the 10 Hats worn by Payroll Professionals

As a Payroll professional I am often asked “What will the future Payroll administrator’s role be?” Related to that, I recently read an outdated Payroll job description, which went as follows: “to accurately capture all payroll data and print monthly payslips.” How far we as Payroll professionals, have come. We are now an essential component of any company, keeping everyone on track.
Of course, I confess my bias as someone who loves their role in Payroll. Serving my clients (and their employees), and their management teams where necessary. I am proud of what we as Payroll professionals do. So it saddens me when we are only recognised when things go wrong.
For this reason, I aim to CELEBRATE the role of the Payroll professional, with a series of articles on the 10 Hats these important roleplayers wear!

Remember, we are NOT

Your home office: What is allowable and how much?

… obsolete staff with no other options.
…in the last phase before retirement.
…scary, old-fashioned, grumpy grannies.
…OK with being hidden away in a back office.
…data capturers.
…there to help avoid consequences of poor decisions, by bending the rules.

What we ARE

10 Hats article series
  1. Proud employees with a career in administration.
  2. By nature inclined to trouble-shoot, and get it right.
  3. Part of the company’s policy decisions around remuneration strategy.
  4. Available and keen to help.
  5. ”what-if” calculators, embracing the opportunity for analysis.
  6. TRUSTED. We keep your secrets (especially if we see you as part of our team).

So JOIN us! Over the following 10 months, we will explore the 10 Hats worn by the essential Payroll professional. The series will focus on the many challenges faced by Payroll professionals, especially in these times. Here are the topics; The Payroll professional as:

  • Interpreter of the Law
  • Implementor of Policy
  • Gatekeeper of Compliance
  • Accurate Keeper of Information
  • Communicator of Change
  • Trusted Confidant/Employee
  • Financial Counsellor
  • Problem Solver
  • Moral Compass

– Provided by Ian Hurst –

Staff Bio

Meet Marina Van Der Merwe

Meet the bubbly and joyful administrator I’ve ever known in my time with Paymaster. Marina van der Merwe is personable and friendly and was easy to bond with within 5min of the interview.

Since 2021, Marina has been one of our payroll administrators at Paymaster and is responsible for processing wages and monthly salaries for clients. She reports to Nafeesa the office manager, and also works with a team called Team Dynamite. Marina matriculated at Plumstead High School in 1998. Her family deemed that education was very important, and to get certified even if it is as menial as office management. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with an office management and administration course. This course offered learnerships and thus she was placed in a UK-based company at Coatec Mechanical Solutions where she did secretarial and office management for four years.

Marina knew that the finance industry is meant for her and she felt comfortable with figures and the responsibility that comes with it.  She didn’t stop learning at this stage, and took a course at Creative Minds computer training in the Pastel accounting and bookkeeping program and became skilled in bookkeeping. She worked full-time for ten years at IDS payroll company and in addition studied payroll and tax administration online course at the University of Cape Town. The roles that she was responsible for at IDS in the finance department was quite comprehensive, she managed the ACBs and made sure the transfers are correct, and also processed all the SARS for the clients while managing the office administration and reception. While managing her payroll at Paymaster, she also helps managing the helpdesk when needed, do the SARS processing for our online clients and the bi-annual submissions.

New product features

Have you heard … WhatsaApp for Paymaster!

Key benefits to Pacey

Why should you have Pacey for your employees?

Your blue-collar workforce stands to gain the most out of Pacey given that they typically do not have access to self-service features. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Access Pacey internationally
  • Eliminate payslip printing costs
  • Eliminate manual paper-based leave forms
  • Greatly empower employees & increase employee satisfaction and well-being
  • All employees will benefit (white and blue-collar workers)
  • Authentication via mobile number and National ID number (no need for an email address and password)
  • Secure and POPI & GDPR compliant

Request a quote at or if you have any questions.

South Africa | Employee Email address Validations

The below changes have been made to the Employee Basic Profile and on the Bulk Actions screen and are only applicable for South African entities. A validation action has been put in place to make sure the following characters are not allowed and that the address is not fictitious:

  • Open bracket (
  • Closed bracket )
  • Backslash \
  • Inverted commas “
  • Pipe |
  • Percentage %
  • The first and last character must not be a special character
  • Special characters cannot appear consecutively two or more times

The following error message will display if the validation failed: “Email address does not meet SARS tax submission requirements due to invalid special characters”. The user can still do processing and run reports while the email address is pending validation. The employee self-service will also still allow the employee to use the ESS service. The employee will not be able to register for ESS if the email address is invalid. This validation check is taking place in the background and updates automatically once the validation check is approved.

In line with the employee e-mail address batch validation process, a Refresh button has been made available on the Employees Basic Profile page next to the employee’s e-mail address. The Refresh button will only appear when an e-mail is in an Invalid or Valid state, this will enable a user to Refresh an e-mail that the admin user trusts to be correct, after a change has applied, to ensure the changed e-mail address forms part of nightly email validation process.


Paymaster is excited to announce that we have partnered with earned wage access provider Floatpays! Our partnership with Floatpays is another way that Paymaster endeavors to deliver greater value to our clients.

One of the common concerns for employers is the delayed response time due to stretched payroll teams.
Floatpays’ technology does not make more work, in fact, it helps reduce the operational overload associated with handling staff loan and salary advance requests.

#mythbusting #earnedwageaccess #payroll

Paymaster Competition time!

We love to engage with you. Enter to WIN!

Competition disclosure:

  1. Employees of Paymaster People Solutions (Pty) Ltd and their immediate families, persons connected with the competition/prize draw and their immediate families i.e. prize sponsors, newsagents, wholesalers & their agents are not eligible to enter the Competition.
  2. Eligible Entrants who have won a prize in a competition run by the Paymaster in the past 6 (six) months, are not eligible to win a Prize.
  3. Entries must be received by Paymaster during the Promotional Period. End 31 May 2022.
  4. Incomplete, inaccurate, erroneous, ineligible or incomprehensible entries will be deemed invalid and thus disqualified.

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