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31 August 2022

The many Hats worn by Payroll Professionals

Hat 4: Communicators of Change

The payroll department is often tasked with the responsibility to communicate the changes agreed on by management and the unions regarding conditions of employment or changes to legislation, that impacts employees. This usually means interpreting the changes, and making them real and meaningful to all customers. (This may also include sending out the actual notices announcing the changes.)

Payroll is the only department able to explain how the changes will affect the employees’ take-home pay, or their benefits (eg. leave days or pension deductions). We have a unique opportunity to interact with the employees, and make sure there is complete understanding of how the changes will impact each one personally. What a privilege!

Here is an example. In March 2016, changes in retirement legislation were announced in South Africa. If you were including life insurance or disability in your one tax-free deduction, this could change, and now become tax deductable. This would reduce the employee’s take-home pay. And of course, the payroll department is the first stop when explanations are needed around this.

Five strategies to communicate change effectively

1.  Use face-to-face meetings 

Nothing is as powerful as sitting across the table from your employees (or customers), and explaining in detail how the changes will impact them. Use a dummy payslip (and alternative if you have them) as a visual example of the changes, and their impact. And be ready, and patient, to answer questions and concerns. This way they will be prepared for their changed payslip.

2.  Identify champions

One champion has the power to convert many. Identify a leader ( shop steward, supervisor, line manager or senior manager), and make sure they have a thorough understanding of the changes. They can be the first line of explainers, and answer the basic questions. A detailed and clear question-and-answer sheet will be very useful. Speak to management for advice, if necessary, to approach these leaders, or be proactive and cultivate relationships with the leaders in the company.

3. Language and medium of communication

Important (and obvious), is the fact that home language is much more powerful for effective communication, compared to a 2nd language. Visual aids ( and simple explanations are always better than long, complicated and wordy descriptions. Ensure any hand-out pamphlets/documents are concise, and clear, and that the information is correct. Communicating the wrong facts is difficult to undo, and will negatively affect the organization and your reputation.

4. Honestly explain the benefits and downsides

It always pays to be 100% truthful, and convey ALL the facts, even if this might mean anger and outrage ( not your fault, you are only the conveyor of the facts). When explaining the benefits, do it in detail, and be sure NOT to oversell the upside. Be realistic. And in the same vein, don’t minimize the downsides.

5. Have an Action Plan

Make sure you have a clear action plan before starting the communication process. Decide WHO will communicate WHAT, and WHEN. Who will be available to answer questions, and when. Make sure everyone is up to date, and in the loop on what is to be implemented, and when. And what documents need to be signed, and by whom..

Remember: this is an opportunity to grow relationships, and enhance the reputation of the payroll department. So, be available to answer all questions. And go out of your way, if possible, to personalize every answer, and explain how this will affect the employee.

Coming next... Hat 5: The responsibility of What if?

- Provided by Ian Hurst - 

Helpdesk Tips

How to add a non-Taxable Bursary as a recurring Component on a Payslip

Generally, any bona fide scholarship or bursary granted to enable or assist any
person to study at a recognised educational or research institution is exempt from
normal tax. This exemption is, however, subject to certain conditions, particularly
where the scholarship or bursary is granted by an employer (or an associated
institution in relation to that employer) to an employee. Click below for directions on how to add a non-taxable bursary to a payslip.

- Provided by Amber Stynes - 

Please call our Helpdesk for your queries - 021 712 7333 or WhatsApp us - 081 711 1276

How to create a security role

Security roles are created when an employee needs access to certain payroll and company information which others do not have. You can create Security Roles to specify which screens and fields a user can access. Click below for directions on how to create a security role.

Helpdesk Tips continue

How to create a new interim run after the main run

Interim runs enable you to create additional runs within the same processing period. An interim run is also known as an additional run and can be attached to your main run to process additional payments or to apply financial corrections to your employees. Interim runs are created from the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen. Click below for directions on how to create an interim run after a main run.

- Provided by Amber Stynes - 

How to create a new interim run before the main run

Capture all mandatory fields If an interim run is before a main run (meaning it is selected as run order 1), then the following setting needs to be selected in order for the tax to calculate correctly. – “allow this interim run to use tax periods associated to the previous month/week/fortnight(this will only apply should this run fall before the main run”. Click below for directions on how to create an interim run before a main run.

Staff Bio

Meet Blessing Awa

Blessing Awa is kind, generous and always happy to assist her colleagues. She was June’s Staff Spotlight, and was described as “utterly amazing!” She is a Payroll Administrator, and reports to Nafeesa, the office manager.

Blessing is married, and has 3 school-going children. In 2002 she moved from Nigeria to Cape Town. As a wife, working mom (and pregnant woman) she pursued a qualification in Accounting. Although it was a challenging time, she was determined to achieve her dream. Before and during obtaining a BCom degree at the University of South Africa, she worked as a hostess, waitress and eventually a chef (for about 4 years). In 2005, she and her husband opened a restaurant, which he still runs. But Blessing realized the hospitality industry was not not for her, and started studying at UNISA. Since her dream job was to work in a bank, she signed up for a financial degree. In 2016 she applied for a job at Paymaster, and has never looked back. She’s built up a strong track record at the company, and has about 40 clients on her books to prove it.

Blessing is diligent and hardworking, and a great addition to any team. With her years of experience, she can be counted on to find a solution, or offer friendly advice.


New Product Features


Our employee self-service bot will assist you with your payroll and HR requests.

With WhatsApp

FAQ you have about Pacey...

Is Pacey available on all mobile devices?

Yes; as long as you have WhatsApp installed.

Is Pacey an App? Do I need to download it from an App store?

No, Pacey is not an App – it is a service that you can access from within WhatsApp, as long as you are registered and have an employee profile on the Paymaster Application.

Should an employee be registered for self-service before using Pacey?

No, the first interaction an employee has with Pacey, will automatically register their profile

If a user registered for the first-time using Pacey, do they need to register again when accessing ESS via the Paymaster application?

No, the user can simply click on forgotten password to set a password if they registered via Pacey and now want to use ESS via the Paymaster application (Remember an email address is still required when registering for ESS via the Paymaster application)

HR requests at your fingertips

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For more info or to request a quote

Increase employee satisfaction and well-being

Pacey uses interactive messages which gives users a simpler and more consistent way to select the options available to them. Interactive messages achieve significantly higher response rates compared to text-based lists.

Leave Cancellation while request is in workflow

New functionality has been added to allow users to cancel a leave request while the leave request is still in workflow (previously leave could only be cancelled once it’s been approved).

Cancellation functionality is now available to cancel a leave request in workflow.


Our partnership with Floatpays is another way that Paymaster endeavors to deliver greater value to our clients.

Hope all you ladies had a great women’s month!

Creating an employee experience (EX) that empowers women

Close the gender pay gap and build financial wellness

Pay equity is arguably the most crucial factor in empowering women.

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Aside from committing to pay equity, here are other ways you can help your female employees to improve their financial wellbeing: EWA, Savings and Financial Education

All of this is offered by Floatpays, an on-demand access to pay platform that lets your employees access a portion of their accrued pay whenever they need to – with no extra cost on the business’s part. In fact, Floatpays reduces payroll admin by essentially turning employee pay into a self-service function. Employees are charged a low fee for withdrawals – or you can choose to sponsor this cost.

As a Paymaster partner, Floatpays is already integrated into the Paymaster payroll system, so set-up is quick and easy! Get in touch with Angela Wilson at, +27 63 643 0734, or book a DEMO with her.

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