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30 September 2022

The many Hats worn by Payroll Professionals

Hat 5: The responsibility of “What if”

When management wants to know how changes will affect staffing costs, or staff expenses, the Payroll department is their “go to” for these answers. We are trusted to give accurate information, so they know they can rely on our reports, projections and opinions to make decisions. Decisions which could have far-reaching consequences for the company. Therefore a great responsibility rests on us to provide accurate historical reports ( usually a print out from Payroll) or even to offer a projection. And on these management will base their decisions. This is Payroll’s chance to shine, to make their mark…and be sure to get it right!
When asked for a projection, it’s Payroll’s opportunity to be centre-stage. You may be asked to “run the numbers, maybe run 5 different scenarios, with 3 different minimum wage options. We would like to see how it all works out.”

What if we introduced a pension fund…. What would it cost at 5% ,7% or 9%?

What if the government increases the minimum wage? To R 4500 or R 5000 or R5500?
Could we survive?

What if we gave everyone an extra day of leave…. what would it cost?

The payroll department are the “go to people” to answer all the” what if” questions.
We do the forecasting and scenario planning. We take the data from the payroll and manipulate, and number crunch , before presenting management with a couple of scenarios to work with. If we are respected, we may even be asked to venture an opinion as to what we think the best option is.

How to live up to this responsibility

Make sure you have a payroll system that can extract data in a format that you can use. It is great when you can get the report in excel, and then work from there. If the payroll software can do the analysis and “what if” planning, even better.
Make sure your payroll data is up to date , and that you are working in the right month.
Make sure the software can provide you with the right base information so that you do the projections using the correct data.
Test your understanding of what is required. Stop, plan and then act.
Test the data before the “what if” analysis begins. Make sure you have taken into account all the variables.
Test the final conclusions for reasonableness.
Present the results in an easy to understand format. For instance, graphs work well. Perhaps consider a “bottom line” summary, then one can dig down if necessary.

And what to do if you are not asked…?

BE PROACTIVE! Analyse your Payroll, and look for trends. Look out for possible savings. Watch the news, so that you are up-to-date with new legislation. Do reports and present them to management , even before they ask.
Do a monthly analysis of what’s happening that could impact your payroll. Then include these in your monthly reports. Maybe add a small “Heads up” section.
For example, consider the changes in retirement funding in this country. How will it impact your payroll? Will you communicate to management the change in taxation? How will the payslip look now, since the provident fund contribution is no longer taxable?

There is a huge responsibility for us in these “ What if” scenarios. But also a huge opportunity to enhance the reputation of your payroll department. Grab them with both hands!

Coming next... Hat 6: Levels of Trust

- Provided by Ian Hurst - 

Helpdesk Tips

How to create a new Company Attachment Classification

This manual clarifies how to add documentation to employee records. Before doing so, categories for the various types of attachments need to be created on the Other Drop Downs Screen. Once the Attachment Classifications have been added, documentation can be uploaded on the employee’s Attachments Screen. Click below for directions on how to add a new attachment classification.

Please call our Helpdesk for your queries - 021 712 7333 or WhatsApp us - 081 711 1276

How to reset a password when no reset email is being received

This clarifies the scenario of when an employee wants to reset their password but no email is received in their inbox nor in their spam folder. Click below for directions on how to ensure the reset email will be successful.

Helpdesk Tips continue

How to view the Tax Breakdown for an employee on a payslip

This manual clarifies how to check the tax breakdown for an employee and to see if the tax paid for the month is correct on the payslip.

- Provided by Amber Stynes - 

Staff Bio

Meet Smiyah Davids

Fun, sweet, helpful, honest, loyal and ambitious are some of the words to describe Samiyah Davids. According to some of her colleagues, she can be a ticking time bomb . But this is because she’s a systematic and analytical thinker.
She has been working for Paymaster for 4 years , and reports to Nafeesa, the office manager.

Samyiah matriculated from Trafalgar High School in 2013. She took a gap year and worked at a bakery. She studied full-time and achieved a diploma in HR from Damelin College in March 2018. Before she graduated, she also completed three months of practical experience at Century City Conference Centre. She finds it exciting to work with different people and see what everyone brings to the table. When asked about the administrative part of HR, she firmly states she likes keeping things in order.

While killing time, Samiyah came across a Paymaster vacancy in the newspaper and decided to take a chance. She was interviewed, and shortly thereafter, was offered the job. She gets quite busy from the second last week of the month ,right through to the end of the month. This is because she is responsible for one of Paymaster’s biggest clients, processing +400 employees. This is quite impressive for the youngest administrator in Paymaster.
Paymaster is lucky to have this quick thinking, font of knowledge on their team.

New Product Features


With WhatsApp

Actual cost of sending WhatsApp messages in South Africa

Based on feedback, we know that our customers love Pacey, and so do their employees. However, we also understand that some users are cautious about using Pacey as there are concerns about data costs.

The following article shows the actual cost of sending WhatsApp messages in South Africa, confirming that sending a WhatsApp message costs a fraction of a cent.

Pacey uses interactive WhatsApp messages, giving users a more straightforward and consistent way to select the options available, resulting in significantly higher response rates than text-based (USSD) lists.

Using the article’s findings, if we use an average cost, across all networks in SA, of sending a text-based Whatsapp message and a photo to replicate a user requesting a pdf payslip, a user can send 50 messages and get 50 responses from Pacey plus download a pdf payslip, and it will only cost 2c . Users can request a text format payslip, and this cost reduces to less than 1c .


For more info or to request a quote

Easy and secure registration. Employees can register themselves.

Automatic ESS registration email

A new company setting has been added to automatically send out an ESS registration link when a new employee is loaded.

Company setting: Config > Company Settings > General

If this setting is activated, upon saving an employee record (new or existing employee) with an email address for the first time, the system will send the employee an email to register for ESS as per below example. I.e. When the email field is updated from blank to having an email address.

Below is an example of the standard wording of the email.

Please Note: If SSO is activated, no registration link will be emailed.


Our partnership with Floatpays and Remente is another way that Paymaster endeavors to deliver greater value to our clients.

Start Saving with Floatpays and

slash your current cost of credit

Setup a Linked Savings account and earn 4.5% per annum and start SAVING immediately, knowing that you have set aside “rainy day” funds. You can pause (you will still earn interest), re-activate and even decide to put more money away via the Floatpays application all on your phone, within your pay frequency cycle.
Your Cash out is once a year, based on the employer access rules. This normally falls within December or January.

Saving for a rainy day!

Do you have “rainy day” plan? Instead of going to a loan shark, your bank or a family member. The Floatpays Paycheck Linked Savings account makes access easier to your funds. You only have to request an “early” cash out option with your payroll or HR. Bearing in mind that this can only be done once a year and will only cost a fee of R20.00. Without the added paperwork of a loan or waiting periods or paying admin fees also without the high interest repayments, saving you as much as 50%.

Key Benefits Q & A

As a Paymaster partner, Floatpays is already integrated into the Paymaster payroll system, so set-up is quick and easy! Get in touch with Angela Wilson at, +27 63 643 0734, or book a free DEMO with her.



Paymaster take their employee wellbeing seriously. That’s why Paymaster staff use Remente, a digital platform to help us with a better work-life balance and higher performance and engagement at work.

A corporate wellness app to measure the mental wellbeing and performance of your employees

How does Remente measure company wellbeing?

Remente Health Check is part of the Remente corporate mental wellness program. It surveys employees on the psycho-social work environment and eNPS to help understand what affects engagement, performance, wellbeing and health in the organisation. The insights and proposed remedies shows where to support employees, how tackle problems and get the organisation to thrive.

Get in touch with Niklas Forser at or book a free DEMO here

Paymaster September Competition

Competition disclosure:

Employees of Paymaster People Solutions (Pty) Ltd and their immediate families, persons connected with the competition/prize draw and their immediate families i.e. prize sponsors, newsagents, wholesalers & their agents are not eligible to enter the Competition.
Eligible Entrants who have won a prize in a competition run by the Paymaster in the past 6 (six) months, are not eligible to win a Prize.
Entries must be received by Paymaster during the Promotional Period. End 31 October 2022.
Incomplete, inaccurate, erroneous, ineligible or incomprehensible entries will be deemed invalid and thus disqualified.

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