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31 October 2022

The many Hats worn by Payroll Professionals

Hat 6: The importance of being TRUSTWORTHY!

When a Payroll professional joins a Payroll department, they will immediately understand – TRUST is vital and TRUST is earned! Your position in this crucial division of the company , and your access to confidential information, should make you realize how important it is that you are 100% trustworthy. However, this trust can also – quickly and easily – be broken because of one small error!

There are 3 spheres of trust in a company.

1. Management trusts the Payroll professional

Consider this example: “Please keep this confidential”…said to the Payroll professional who has been summoned to the boardroom. Often this may mean bad news is coming. Maybe the official letter states “the company has decided to downsize, and we need you to calculate a redundancy package for Mr. X , who has been terminated with immediate effect. As a result, Mr. X wants his salary paid out immediately.”
Or maybe, there is good news on the horizon. Perhaps the organization has decided to pay a bonus, and the executive management will ask you to begin calculating facts and figures accordingly. Great news!

This confidential information is your opportunity, as a Payroll professional, to prove your trustworthiness. For instance, you will know to whom management has decided to award a sizeable bonus. Or maybe, who did not qualify for an increase in their salary/remuneration package. And they trust you not to disclose this information to any unauthorised person.
To put it bluntly, management trusts you , as a Payroll professional, to keep your lips sealed!

2. Employees trust the Payroll professional

As a Payroll professional, you have more information on any employee, than anyone else in the organization.
Example: 1 – A garnishee order alerts you to the fact that an employee is experiencing financial difficulties.
Example 2 – Or a divorce summons arrives at the office, and you as Payroll professional are immediately aware that an employee is undergoing personal problems. This might mean a possible change in marital status for that employee to deal with.

As a Payroll professional, you are privy to many secrets (say someone is having a baby , or they’re having an affair). Or someone might be considering a massive credit purchase, and you know because the retailer contacted your Payroll department to verify the employment and salary details of that employee.
Employees of a company expect the Payroll professional NOT to divulge their private issues, whether personal or related to their job.

3. External service-providers trust the Payroll professional

As a Payroll professional, you will be required to submit regular documents and reports to various government departments or private institutions. You have to report on taxation matters, divulge medical aid details, and even emolument (or garnishee) orders that will be deducted from an employee’s salary, and paid over to a creditor.
These institutions trust the Payroll professional to send the correct information, in the correct format, at the right time.
And remember, you as Payroll professional will often be contacted by financial institutions (such as banks and credit providers), to verify the employment and remuneration details of an employee.

In all 3 spheres mentioned above, you as Payroll professional will be trusted to be 100% truthful and honest. This develops your reputation as someone who is trustworthy!

So let me implore you to do everything in your power to retain the trust you have worked so hard to build up in your organization. One careless mistake…a word spoken out of turn…and trust will be broken in an instant!
Do everything you can to be 100% truthful and honest, so that all who deal with you can depend on you to be trustworthy. A Payroll professional who safeguards the confidential information you have access to, (and is entrusted to you), whether from management, employees or outside institutions.

Some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be tempted to talk out of turn
  • Never divulge someone’s sensitive, private information (without their permission)
  • Never say “yes” when you know the right answer is “no”
  • Never be underhand in your words or behaviour (especially if it’s against the law, or a breach of company policy)
  • Be mindful of what you post on social media
  • Guard confidential documents carefully – don’t leave them open for prying eyes to see

As a Payroll professional, take pride in the trust your company puts in you, and always act with integrity! This is an essential part of your job. Don’t let one careless mistake destroy all you have worked for. Remember, trust is EARNED, and very hard to restore once lost!

Coming next... Hat 7: The Payroll Professional as Counsellor

- Provided by Ian Hurst - 

Helpdesk Tips

How to process Year-to-date take-on figures

Where a new company is registered on the system during the tax year, you have the option to process year-to-date figures on an employee’s YTD Take On Screen. The system will automatically create an Interim Run to provide you with the option to process year-to-date figures on an employees’ records. You will have a take on run and the month you are starting with, visible on the Payslip Pay Dates screen. This should be done before the first live run. If this is not done before the first Open Run is processed, you will have to contact the Helpdesk for assistance. Click below for direction on how to add YTD take-on figures.

Please call our Helpdesk for your queries - 021 712 7333 or WhatsApp us - 081 711 1276

How to Remove Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports are reports that can be saved and added to a scheduled reports list. Going forward, one can easily access and extract a report from the scheduled reports link. Scheduled reports will be automatically emailed to you on the pay date when the run is closed. These reports will be zipped, and password protected. Scheduled reports are set-up per user profile. Follow the directions below to remove a scheduled report from your scheduled report list.

Staff Bio

Meet Sasha Lee Muller

Sasha Lee Muller is a friendly young lady at Paymaster Business Solutions. She has been married for 4 years and looks forward to having children in the near future. She admits she would welcome twins. Sasha reports to Nafeesa Macauley. She is responsible for the accurate and timeous payment of all her client’s employees. She processes the payrolls for a remarkable number of about 20 clients. When she started at Paymaster, she never imagined she would have so many clients, but said it’s achievable with the help of her teammates. Processing for 20 clients is jolly impressive and when questioned, she admitted she has the highest number. What an achievement! 

Sasha acquired her matric at Zeekoevlei High School in Grassy Park, Cape Town. She started a business administration course at False Bay college and then completed a Learnership at another college, where she achieved a NQF3 management certificate. She said that this course really helped her in her career, especially regarding time management.
Sasha has built an exciting track record from the start of her career. She worked as a machinist in a factory for a year and a half, and then worked in the plastic and pool industry. She gained administration experience from two primary schools and then moved to False Bay college ,as an admin assistant for the secretary for 3 years. She also assisted the teachers at the primary schools and really loved the school children, adding , with them , there’s always something new. She enjoyed it very much and developed her interest in the education industry during this period of her working career.

Sasha’s friend told her about a vacancy at Paymaster and Sasha applied. Our director, Amber Stynes interviewed her, and Sasha was the successful candidate. In February 2021, Sasha started at Paymaster as a trainee ,and quickly become an indispensable part of the Paymaster family . When thinking back, she admits that she is not really an accounting person , but because the system at Paymaster is perfect and not that complicated , she soon got the hang of things. She says the staff is lovely and always ready to help. Sasha is a ray of sunshine in the office. We quickly noticed her ‘celebrity’ status on TikTok and she regularly lightens the atmosphere with her entertaining TikTok quirks. We love Sasha and she is a great addition to our team.

New Product Features


With WhatsApp

Our employee self-service bot that will assist you with your payroll and HR requests.

Part 1

Let's get down to basics

Pacey will be licensed as an additional service as explained below. Companies using Pacey will need to be on the Premier or Master Edition as this is a self-service feature. The license fee will be charged per active employee, which will provide each employee with a pre-defined number of conversations per calendar month.

What is a conversation with pacey?

A conversation with Pacey will be an employee requesting his/her personal information from Pacey via WhatsApp. Employees will be limited to the number of conversations the company chooses. Every time an employee starts a new conversation with Pacey, they will be notified of how many conversations they have remaining for the calendar month. The pricing structure allows you to choose from 5, 10, 20 or 30 conversations per employee, per calendar month.

Pacey uses interactive WhatsApp messages, giving users a more straightforward and consistent way to select the options available, resulting in significantly higher response rates than text-based (USSD) lists.

For more info or to request a quote

Easy and secure registration. Employees can register themselves.

Navigation enhancements

As mentioned in a previous edition of the newsflash, see here for reference, a dropdown has been added to the company navigation pane below, allowing users to quickly change between companies within a group instead of opening the search function.

The OLD look

The NEW look

The OLD look

Not only does this serve as a “quick change” option which improves usability, but it is also an easy way for Business Partners to see which companies are part of the group and easily navigate between them without having to search for the individual company names.

The NEW look

One of the requests from the Ideas Portal was to add a “previous/next” button on the employee screen. This idea received a lot of votes from customers. As a result, we are pleased to announce that the new navigation enhancement also includes changes on employee level screens with repositioning the search for a company and employee icons, as well as adding “previous/next” buttons .

The OLD look

The OLD look


Our partnership with Floatpays and Remente is another way that Paymaster endeavors to deliver greater value to our clients.

Tackle Financial Stress

With 75% of their salaries going to debt repayments, South Africans have little money left to cover monthly living expenses - and very often, none left for emergencies.

Often, employees are forced into the hands of loan sharks or other lines of ‘easy to get credit’. This traps them in a never-ending debt cycle.

Unlock the power of financial wellness at work with Floatpay’s

On-demand Earned Wage Access...

If you like what you hear and want to get your employees on the path towards financial wellness, get in touch.

As a Paymaster partner, Floatpays is already integrated into the Paymaster payroll system, so set-up is quick and easy! Get in touch with Glen Coburn at, +27836791311, to book a free DEMO.



Paymaster take their employee wellbeing seriously. That’s why Paymaster staff use Remente, a digital platform to help us with a better work-life balance and higher performance and engagement at work.

Wellbeing at work?

There's an APP for that...

Mental wellness programs at work – Empower your employees by helping them help themselves

Remente’s  mental wellness platform for employees promotes wellbeing by helping them incorporate better habits, promoting better sleep, reducing anxiety and stress and developing mindfulness to increase happiness in their lives. We provide a set of tools to empower your employees which include:

Get in touch with Glen Coburn at, +27 836791311 or book a free DEMO here

Paymaster September Competition

Congratulations to our September competition Winner!

Daphne Classen from DMC Payroll Bureau & Progressive Business Solutions (half day), you are the winner of R1000!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Stay tuned for our next competition in December.

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