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30 November 2022

The many Hats worn by Payroll Professionals

Hat 7: The Payroll Professional as Counsellor

Payroll administrators handle private, often very sensitive information. For this reason they are usually trusted by the staff of the company. They like to share their serious concerns, and trust us to give wise advice. Sometimes listening is enough. Or we will explain to them what the company policy is, and let them make up their own minds. Other times, when we give them advice , they go away knowing that we have their best interests at heart. We care. We want them to make the right decision. This is one of the roles of a Payroll professional.

On the financial side we might be asked questions like:

  • What should my travel allowance be?
  • What about medical aid?
  • What plan should I choose?
  • Pension fund decisions are made with advice from the Payroll administrators.
  • We give advice on budgeting and how to balance a budget.
  • We give advice on how to deal with garnishee orders.
  • Advice when the Receiver of Revenue comes knocking? (ITA88 certificate)

The Payroll professional really is a font of financial information.
So what do you need to know about giving financial advice?

A word of warning:
“To give financial planning advice you need to be a registered financial planner. To give tax planning advice you need to be a registered practitioner.” So please be aware of the regulations, and make sure that you cannot be accused of overstepping the mark. It is good to be helpful, but do so within the boundaries.

In the same way, as we listen to people asking for advice on dealing with garnishee orders, ITA88 certificates, or input on financial issues, make sure you deal with it from a base of Payroll knowledge.

5 steps to counselling an employee

Listen carefully to what the employee is saying.
Take notes. Show that you are listening by maintaining eye contact, taking notes and above all clarifying your understanding of what is being asked. Try and separate the facts from opinion. Do not be influenced by emotion.

Summarise the issue/issues to check your understanding.

Briefly summarise the facts and if possible, list the questions or issues that need to be addressed. It is important to reach agreement that we are all on the same page.

Research the regulations/company policy or the laws of the land.

Now present the regulations, company policy or laws that govern the situation. If you know them and have them at hand, do it then. If you don’t, end the meeting and set up another time to continue. It is very important as Payroll to base any advice you give on a firm foundation of facts.

Give the employee feedback.
Show the employee the feedback and make sure that they understand it and are aware of the foundation that you are basing it on. Clearly explain your recommendations, and why you believe the employee should take that route.

Check the employee’s understanding.
Make sure the employee clearly understands what you have told him. We want to avoid the “I said, you said” situation at all costs. This will seriously impact your credibility.

In all of this, please remember that any advice you give must be defensible when tested, either by management or by another third party. Make sure you keep notes of the interaction – just in case.

Paymaster Payroll software has a section to keep notes on each interaction. You can then upload any supporting documents to the employee’s profile. In this way you, the employee and management, have access to the interaction via the on-line Payroll platform.

Coming next... Hat 8: The Payroll Professional as Problem Solver

- Provided by Ian Hurst - 

Helpdesk Tips

How to reactivate a user for ESS

A user can be made active or inactive on the User Profile Screen. User profiles are also automatically made inactive when three incorrect attempts to log onto the system have been captured. The user profile will need to be activated by an admin user again for them to access the system. Click below for direction on how to reactivate an ESS user.

Please call our Helpdesk for your queries - 021 712 7333 or WhatsApp us - 081 711 1276

How to create and edit a Suspension

When an employee goes on maternity leave, paternal leave or needs to take a leave of absence, you can suspend the employee. One can also edit the suspension date if the employee returns before the suspension date was due. Suspensions are processed on the Suspension Screen. Follow the directions below on how to process and edit a suspension.

Staff Bio

Meet Claretta Gewers

The kind, gentle and fun Claretta Gewers joined Paymaster in 2014 as a Payroll administrator. She is definitely one of the wisest administrators whom many look up to. She says her responsibility is to process what the client gives her, and return the reports once done. Whatever her client’s needs are, Claretta enjoys taking care of them, and making sure their expectations are met. In September, Claretta was crowned Staff Spotlight as the classic, groovy fashion chick because she always dresses up for work. She keeps on her toes, literally, in her funky heels. She admits she has 30 pairs of heels and grabs any opportunity to wear them.

Claretta holds an Accounting and Computers certificate from Northlink College. She started her career in the security industry, working as an administrator in the access control office for 2 years. She then worked as a receptionist, where she first encountered Payroll. She loved Payroll and after 2 years moved on to run the Payroll of a furniture shop for 3 years. She enjoyed doing temp jobs for different companies, in different industries, including working with the administration of employment contracts. Claretta enjoyed working independently during this time and found herself to be quite adaptable. She also acquired a lot of skills along the way. Her journey started with Paymaster in 2014 when she got a permanent position doing Outsource Payroll.

In addition to managing Payroll, she is team leader of Team Dynamite, and makes sure that her team mates meet their deadlines, assisting them where needed. She has also been appointed as Team leader for the Safeguard World Payroll which will commence soon. Claretta is a delight to have in the office and ensures there is a happy mood with her positivity and laughter.

New Product Features

New enhancements

Bonus tax spread (South Africa / Namibia)

Employees may select to spread the tax on a guaranteed bonus over the tax year. This should ideally be processed in March and will result in employees being taxed on a monthly portion of the bonus instead of paying all the tax in the month of bonus payout.
With December 2022 nearing, we encourage you to check your Bonus Tax Spread setups to ensure that process of payouts are done timeously and efficiently. Please consider the following to ensure a smooth payout:

  • There are 2 options
    • Tax can be spread until the Bonus is paid or
    • Tax can be spread over the Tax Year
  • If your Tax Spread has not been set up prior to December 2022, the tax will not be spread and will be recovered in full for December 2022, when the bonus is paid.
  • If the provision is cancelled before the end of the provision period and the bonus has not yet been paid, the tax already paid on the provision will be refunded, and no bonus payout will be made in December.
  • To ensure a payout is made where applicable:
    • Check your employees recurring screen to ensure the setup is as expected and the pay date is set for
      December 2022.
    • The check box to pay the Bonus Tax Spread is ticked


  • Add the component Automatic bonus/Tax spread – BONP via Config > Payroll > Payroll Config > Payroll Components > Click here ( add new component)
  • Select employee > Payroll processing > Recurring payroll components > add a new note component > select Automatic bonus/Tax spread – BONP

Any issues can be directed to


With WhatsApp

Our employee self-service bot that will assist you with your payroll and HR requests.

Part 2

Let's get down to basics

All conversations are measured in 24-hour increments, or "sessions", that start whenever the user sends the first message to Pacey. The user can send as many messages as they like and engage with Pacey as often as required within the 24-hour window. Should they start another conversation after the initial 24 hours, this would be a second conversation.

Additional Pricing Notes

There is different pricing applicable for employees located in a South African entity vs. employees in other countries as Facebook charges different conversation rates depending on where the employee number originates from. Conversations that are not used in a calendar month, do not carry over to the next month. Each month will reset to the number of conversations the company is licensed for.

Pacey uses interactive WhatsApp messages, giving users a more straightforward and consistent way to select the options available, resulting in significantly higher response rates than text-based (USSD) lists.

For more info or to request a quote

Easy and secure registration. Employees can register themselves.


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